Beauty, Health & Skincare Diploma

Third Year

Course Content

1. Spa Therapy & Management

Techniques relating to body scrubs, wraps and the use of heat, cold and water therapy treatments together with business management skills necessary to manage in a spa environment. This module consists of both theoretical and practical classes.

2. Advanced Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics

In depth knowledge and analysis of the skin, skin types and conditions to effectively provide a client with the most beneficial treatment on a deeper level. Practical treatments in medical aesthetics such as microdermabrasion/diamond peel, skin blading, micro needling, plasma skin tightening and various skin peels.

More advanced product training in cosmeceutical and paramedical skin revision treatments is conducted. This module consists of both theoretical and practical classes.

3. Reflexology

This massage technique involves applying pressure point massage techniques over the feet and hands. It is based on a theory that the body including its organs and systems are mapped out on the foot and these points correspond to the body itself.

Applied anatomy and physiology of the body, recognition of conditions/disorders of the hands, feet and nails. History of reflexology along with concepts of reflexology including other complementary medicine and the holistic approach. This is both a theoretical as well as a practical module.

4. Sports Massage

This is an advanced massage technique taught in order to address and treat a variety of different sport injuries as well as areas of extreme stress and tension using specialised techniques and stretching. Full knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required.

Covered in this module is sports training, sports physiology and nutrition, consultation, uses and benefits of sports massage including specialised massage techniques as well as soft tissue stretching. Identifying both acute and post-acute sort injuries. This both a theoretical as well as a practical module.

5. Epilation

An advanced hair removal technique that requires the use of an electrical current that destroys the hair growth supply; therefore, it can be used effectively for long term complete hair removal. Thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as chemistry and science are required.

Students cover the effects, benefits as well as the home-care needed for clients who have this treatment. In depth consultations are performed to ensure maximum safety while performing this treatment. This is both a theoretical and practical based module.

6. Thai & Shiatus Massage

Complementary therapies involving pressure point and stretching techniques to re-balance energy channels within the body thereby providing relaxation.

7. Threading

An ancient eastern method for removing hair. A thin cotton thread is doubled then twisted, it is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at a follicular level. Threading allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows.

This is both a theoretical as well as a practical based module.

8. Gel & Acrylic Nails

Students are taught the basic fundamentals of applying both gel nail systems as well as acrylic nail systems to enhance natural nails. Application of tips, gel sculpture, acrylic dip and nail art is covered in this module. This module incorporates both theory and practical classes.

9. Eyelash Extensions

The application of artificial singular lashes to enhance either the volume or length of the natural lashes or in some cases both. Students are taught the method of applying classic artificial lashes. This module incorporates both theory and practical classes.

10. Facilitators Training

External accredited training to allow qualified students the opportunity to facilitate classes in the Beauty Industry. A portfolio of evidence is required for this training. This course consists of both theoretical and practical classes. This module is exclusively offered to our Third Year Advanced Students.







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Become exceptional in an area of your choice. Be a make-up specialists.

Become an Entrepreneur

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Professional Products

Become a marketer, trainer or manager for a professional product supply-house.

Train Others

Become a trainer at a beauty health & skincare college or a hairdressing & barbering academy.

Stylist / Manager

Become a stylist or manager at a hair salon or wellness resort either in South Africa or anywhere in the world.